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Font / Typeface

The words font and typeface are often used interchangeably.
To get specifc, a typeface is a "font family". Times New Roman is a typeface as it includes multiple weights and styles.
A font is a specific weight in the typeface. Times New Roman Bold is a font.

How Fonts Work

The entire glyph set of a font including spacing and kerning information is included in a font file. OFT is the standard font file for comupter usage. Other font files include TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, SVG and more. These files are tiny in size and download easily.

How To Install A Font

The download comes in a zip file. Just double click on this file in your downloads folder. It will open (unzip) and you will see the basic folder. This folder contains the OTF font file. Other font files are inlcuded for web use but the OTF is what you need for use on your computer. Double click on the OTF file and it will automaticautomatically open your fontbook (mac) or Character Map (PC). The will then finish the install for you. Once this is done, the font will show up in the font menu of any software that types on your computer.

( you can select multiple fonts together to install all at once )

What Are Ligatures Or Alternate Letters

I like to make the most out of the interesting features avaliable in font design. 2 ways to make fonts more interesting are Ligatures and Alternates. The special glyphs are called open type features.

Ligatures are :

Two or more letters are joined together to form one glyph or character. This is a fun way to make intersting shapes and curves in letterforms. Some fonts have lots of ligatures while others have none. They are automatic, and will join when typed. If this does not happen then you ligature setting is turned off in your design software . Every software is has a different way to turn them back on.
See this video that explains it in detail: Here

Alternate letters are extra letters that can be swapped in to replace the standard letter. Usually this alternate letter is a more ornate unique letter.
Sometimes they are graphic alternates (letters with pictures in them). To access alternates is again different in different software.
For adobe design software you can just highlight the letter and the alterante letter will appear.
See this video for more details: Here

Fonts in Canva

Canva is a great tool for those who don't need the full adobe design software however it's about 20 years behind when it comes to type features. Tropical Type fonts can be uploaded easily in from the brand kit section of the website. If you need to use ligatures or alternates in canva you have to use a little copy paste work around. Again, see this video (go to about halfway through)


Commercial License:
Most people are good with this license. You can use it for branding/logos, design work, websites, packaging, socials, basically most stuff.
Are you doing client work? You don’t need an extra license for your client (if you don’t transfer the font to them). If you are giving your client the font file as part of the work or your client is typing with the font, then you need to either buy them a license or get them to buy one.

App License:
If you're embedding the font in an application then this is the license for you.
(This is not for an app where users are designing or typing with the font)

Design on Demand/Template License:
If you are creating a template to sell that will include the font, then this is the license for you. This is also for uploading a font to a site where others can design or type with the font. ( this license has a user limit of 1000. If you are a larger company wanting to license a font for more users please email

Can i copyright or trademark designs with your fonts?

Copyright and Trademark rules vary from country to country. It's a grey area. Usually it's ok if you have added something to the design like an icon or graphic but the best thing to do is get advice from a copyright laywer in your country.

Can i tattoo you fonts?

Yes, it's such a compliment that people want my fonts tatooed on them! don't forget to send me a pic!

Why do you sell in US Dollars?

Tropical Type sells all over the world. US dollars is the most used global currency so that's what we use. The site should change prices into your local currency